Meet Our New Face Of The Week (Abigail Adebayo)


My name is  Abigail Adebayo, a 22 year old final year medical student of Bowen University Teaching Hospital. I am from Oyo State and I live in Lagos. 


I am a naturally outgoing person who fancies making lot of friends and bringing happiness to those around me. You could say I am a bit of an altruist. This dominant extroverted side of me is balanced by a cool and calm side.FullSizeRender

I love life and cherish it completely which is why I make use of every moment of it to the best of my ability, maximizing every opportunity and also opening opportunities for others while at it.IMG_2986

My hobbies are swimming, modeling, surfing the internet to bring the latest fashion trends around the world to friends and folks through my active instagram fashion site @fantastic_fashiontips. Others include travelling and visiting places around to have a feel of new environments and see the beauty of nature through new lenses and across different spectra.IMG_2858

My adventures and passion for others have pushed me quite far in life and as an enthusiast of happy living, I bring about another kind of happiness through my chosen career as a training physician.

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